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Chief Commander MDT Solution with AVL

Two-Way Available

Live AVL

Attendance for Incidents and Events with Kiosk Option

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Chief 360 Mobile

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Vehicle Accident with Entrapment
Vehicle Accident with Entrapment




Customer Spotlight

Complete Solutions
for First Responders

Chief Tone Alert bridges the gap between fire pager dispatching and smartphone notifications.
Chief Station Alert provides fast, affordable station alerting to your in-house responders.
Chief Web Design creates visually stunning, responsive websites for engaging your community.
Chief Mobile integrates all Chief Technologies services in one app for your mobile device.
Chief Messaging delivers real time dispatch, notifications, and messages to your responders.
Increase your staffing by knowing who is responding and where they are with Chief Responders.

Chief Scheduling is a complete staffing, scheduling and management solution built into the Chief Platform.

Chief Dashboard increases visibility with real time incident response information, traffic cams, weather, and more.

Custom Station Alerting Systems

Affordable station alerting for your in-house responders

Automate Your Devices

Doors, Statuses, lighting…

Manage door operations, display apparatus statuses, deactivate appliances, regulate exit lighting, operate bay doors, and activate traffic signals, allowing responders to focus solely on the incident at hand.

Automate Your Devices

Tailored Configurations

Customize to meet your needs

Enable adjustable interior volume levels, ensuring lower levels during nocturnal hours and increased volume during daylight. Additionally, speaker zones like outdoor speakers can be automatically activated or deactivated at specific times.

Tailored Configurations

Zone-specific Announcements

Personalized tones, colored light cues, and targeted speaker activation

Based on unit/incident, individual sleeping quarters, or all areas, allowing undisturbed rest for those not required to respond immediately, while alerting those needed for action.

Zone-specific Announcements

Low-intensity Illumination

Soft, ambient lighting

Illuminates sleeping quarters, bunk areas, and exit pathways, enabling first responders to swiftly navigate without losing crucial seconds adjusting to glaring lights and preserving their night vision.

Low-intensity Illumination


Gradually escalating audio levels

Wake up sleeping firefighters without the jarring impact of sudden loud tones that can induce acute stress.


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